AuthorZain Raza

Zain Raza is the founder and CEO of GeeksPod, a leading recruitment agency based in the US. With a passion for connecting talented engineers with top-tier businesses, he has built GeeksPod from the ground up, leveraging his experience in the industry to assemble a team of experienced consultants, known as the Geeks. Under his leadership, GeeksPod has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to build high-performing remote engineering teams.

The Dilemma of Seasoned Hires: How They Could Sabotage Your Startup’s Growth¬†


Startup success heavily relies on the people you bring on board, and one of the most important decisions for a founder is hiring seasoned employees. On the surface, it seems like a logical choice – an experienced professional brings a wealth of knowledge and skills that could benefit the company. However, this move may not always be as advantageous as it seems.  Attitude and Potential...