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Co-Founder vs. Employee: Making the Right Business Hire


As an aspiring entrepreneur or someone seeking a co-founder role in a startup? Making the right business hire can significantly impact your venture’s success.    When making the crucial decision of hiring co-founders or employees, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts should prioritize the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), maintain a zero-tolerance...

Data-Driven Talent Acquisition: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It 


Data-driven talent acquisition is revolutionizing the hiring process. Discover how it can help you make better hiring decisions and enhance your recruitment strategy. Data-driven talent acquisition utilizes data to inform the hiring process, leading to more objective and effective decision-making. By analyzing data, companies can identify the best recruitment channels, crucial skills for...

5 Telltale Signs You’re Hiring the Wrong Engineer 


Hiring the right engineer is crucial for the success of any engineering project or company. With countless applicants to choose from, identifying the ideal engineer can be challenging.  The wrong engineer exhibits a lack of technical skills, poor communication, poor problem-solving skills, inability to work in a team, and dishonesty. Identifying these 5 telltale signs can help hire the right...